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BMW Service Engine Soon Light in Coppell, TX

If your BMW service engine soon light has appeared on your dashboard, you can count on the experts at Bimmer Motor Specialists to accurately diagnose and repair it. This warning light comes on when your onboard diagnostic system detects an issue related to your engine system, transmission system, fuel system, or emissions system. These problems can range in severity, from a loose gas cap to more serious malfunctions like spark plugs or sensors. Similar to your other dashboard warnings, you should seek an inspection and diagnostics immediately before it affects your vehicle’s safety and performance.

Common Reasons Behind a Service Engine Soon Light

  • Loose Gas Cap
  • Malfunctioning Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Old Oxygen Sensor
  • Faulty Wires or Spark Plugs
  • Low Fluid Levels

At Bimmer Motor Specialists in Coppell, TX, we employ the very best BMW-trained technicians who are passionate about fixing all models of BMWs. When you bring your car to our auto repair shop, we utilize top-of-the-line BMW diagnostic tools to narrow down the problem. A scan device will help guide our team in the right direction of the problem. Once our technicians interpret the fault codes, we’ll carefully inspect the affected area to be sure before running the repairs by you. We stand by the quality of our services, which is why we offer an outstanding 24 month/24,000 mile nationwide warranty.

Similar to the check engine light on other vehicles, you don’t want to ignore this message! Leaving this light on for too long can result in reduced efficiency, poor performance, and even a vehicle breakdown. Fortunately, you can trust that your BMW will be in very capable, professional hands at Bimmer Motor Specialists. We work hard to get things right the first time around so that you can get back on the road quickly and safely.

If your BMW’s service engine soon has recently turned on, we invite you to bring it to Bimmer Motor Specialists for quality diagnostics and repairs. Please give us a call with any questions or schedule your appointment online with us today!