3 Symptoms That Indicate You Need a New Water Pump

Your water pump is an important component in your car's cooling system, which keeps your engine cooled down. Because your engine builds up a lot of heat, it needs the cooling system to draw that heat away. The water pump contributes to this process by moving the coolant from your radiator to the engine. 


When you have a broken water pump, your engine is at risk of overheating, which can cause irreversible and expensive engine damage. If you neglect to catch the symptoms of a failing water pump, it could lead to extensive repairs down the line. Below are some of the red flags that indicate you have a bad water pump:

Coolant Leak

The water pump manages the flow of coolant throughout the cooling system. Over time, the seals, fluid lines, and parts often wear out, break, or even crack. If you notice a coolant puddle under your parked car or catch the sweet smell of coolant near your vehicle, please do not hestiate to come by our auto repair shop for an inspection. 

Rusty Water Pump

The water pump is constantly in a moist environment. If you use the incorrect type of coolant or there's a puncture in the system, air can leak into the pump and cause rust spots. Ultimately, the rust can put a hole in the water pump.

Whining Sound

If you notice a whining sound from your engine, it could possibly be due to an error in the cooling system. You should leave your car with an auto technician for a more accurate inspection. 


If you are due for a water pump repair or replacement, we welcome you to Bimmer Motor Specialists. Please give us a call or visit soon.