How Often Do Auto A/C Systems Need to Be Serviced?

European vehicles are the most premium and luxury vehicles on the road. These cars require quality upkeep, and that includes air conditioning service. If you want to stay cool and comfortable in your vehicle this season, please do not disregard your A/C service.


Most of the time, A/C service is not outlined in the owner’s manual or factory maintenance schedule. So how do you know when it is time to have your air conditioning components checked out?


Well – it depends on your vehicle’s make, model, and age. Ideally, we recommend an annual or biannual A/C inspection. From there, your mechanic may make recommendations based on your air conditioning’s condition. You should definitely take your car or SUV to Bimmer Motor Specialists when you spot signs of trouble with your A/C.


Signs That Indicate You Need A/C Repair

  • A/C strength is weak or not blowing at all
  • A/C only blowing warm air
  • The temperature of the air does not match the temperature set
  • A/C is noisy or smelly

A/C problems are never fun to deal with, especially on a hot summer day. Some common explanations for A/C problems include:

  • Refrigerant Leak - Your air conditioning system relies on a liquid coolant, called refrigerant, that chills the air before sending it into the cabin. It goes through an intricate process, passing many components. Therefore, if these parts are broken or leaking, your refrigerant would leak out. 
  • Broken Fan - Your auto A/C system has a fan that is used to blow the cool air out of the compressor. If the fan is stuck or stops working, the cool air cannot make its way to the passenger cabin.
  • Clogged Filter - A dirty cabin filter can cause the air flowing out of your vents to fluctuate. Plus, it can cause unusual sounds and off-putting odors. Therefore, make sure your air cabin is clean.

If you believe you’re due for A/C service or repairs, please bring your car to the auto professionals at Bimmer Motor Specialists. From leak detection to part replacements, our team can do it all. Feel free to give us a call or schedule an appointment online today.