Important Winter Driving Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

Winter is a dangerous time for driving. The wet and (sometimes) icy roads present a significant danger to all motorists. The weather will ruin your visibility too. Because of the weather conditions, you are more prone to be in deadly accidents than in the other seasons. The following are crucial tips to help you drive during winter:

Drive Slow

The most important thing when driving in winter is to slow down. Speed is your worst enemy during winter because the conditions make it almost impossible to slow down. Drive slowly, which makes braking easier. Ensure you leave double the distance you usually leave between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Slow driving also makes maneuvering the car easier in case you find obstacles you must evade.

Warm Up The Car

Before you move the vehicle, ensure you get the engine nice and warm. Most of your vehicle's parts will be frozen during winter. First, start the car and let it run for a while. Let the oil run a bit so you can ensure it is still liquid and will perform its function as a lubricant. The rest of the engine parts will also experience less wear and tear if they are warmer instead of colder when driving.

Defensive Driving

When driving in the winter, you will likely hit a slippery or icy patch on the road occasionally. Your vehicle will start to slide, and unfortunately, most people lose control. What you should do is take your foot off the gas pedal. Do not use the brakes. Do not jerk the steering wheel trying to get control. Turn your car towards the skid, and it will ensure you can stop quickly and safely without losing control.

Use the above tips when driving during winter. Preparing your car for the winter is crucial. Bring your car to Bimmer Motor Specialists today if you want to get it ready for winter.