Is Your Vehicle Showing Signs of a Leak?

Your car should always be well-checked. Especially if you plan to take long trips. Your car needs a series of fluids in different parts of it so that it can work well. For example, you will need engine coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer, transmission and power steering or engine oil. If any of those fluids were not present, you would notice that your car would not perform as well as it should.

Signs of Fluid Leakage

When there is fluid leakage, you would generally see residue on the ground. Thus, traces of color and texture can be seen on the floor or an odor can be felt in the environment.

Detecting Fluid Leaks

  • Place a piece of cardboard under the area that is leaking liquid. The next day, you will notice how wet the cardboard is, as well as the color and smell. You can give this to the mechanic so that he has an idea of how your car is and can make a diagnosis.
  • The color of the fluid leak will help you know what the problem is with your car. When the color of the leak is red, it may be due to problems with the power steering and automatic transmission. Usually when you smell marshmallows odor it's power steering and when you smell petrol odor it's auto steering.
  • If the color of the leak is orange, this is because there are problems in the refrigerant. It could also be problems with the automatic transmission. As time passes, and it ages, if there is a leak, the fluid will change to that color.
  • When the leak comes in various colors such as green, yellow and pink, then the problem is because there must be leaks in various places in the cooling system.
  • If the color of the fluid is light yellow, this may be due to a brake fluid leak,
  • If the leak is blue, this would indicate a leak in the windshield washer fluid.
  • When the leak is clear water, this is due to condensation from the air conditioner and is not a concern.
  • But if the leak is brown, it is due to an engine oil leak.

Any escape is going to need an expert to see his car. But if the leak is from brake fluid or gasoline, it will need to be sent for repair immediately.

If you need vehicle leak repair, we invite you to bring your car to Bimmer Motor Specialists today!