Signs That Indicate You Should Replace Your Alternator

If your car alternator fails, your battery might die out too, leaving you stranded. Your alternator powers up your car and keeps it running while allowing you to use such electric accessories as radio and headlights.


Here are some of the common signs of a failing alternator:


Car Starting Problems


Sometimes, your car might take unusually long to start, other times failing to start at all. Of course, a weak or dead battery might be the number one culprit. All the same, if you have ruled out this possibility, the alternator is the next place to check. Most times, the problem occurs when the voltage regulator fails.


A Weak or Dead Battery


Sure, your battery is bound to die at one time or another. May you have had it some years now and it is finally time to let it go, or perhaps you forgot to switch off your lights and left them on the whole night. Other times, though, a dying battery could be indicating a failing alternator. Chances are, the alternator is not allowing enough time for your battery to acquire enough charge when your engine is running. Suffice to say, this causes your battery's charge to deplete quickly.


Flickering or Dimming Lights


This is one of the common signs of a failing alternator. Sometimes, you may notice your headlights growing brighter or dimmer every time you accelerate or slow down. The best thing would be to have your mechanic check out this issue before it develops into more serious concerns.


Warning Light On the Dashboard


In most cases, your alternator output ranges from 13 to 15 volts, or rather about 1.5-2 volts higher than that of your car's battery voltage. When it fails, the voltage tends to go way below these levels, triggering the warning lights to come on. You might notice the letters GEN or ALT illuminating your dashboard. In other cars, the light might also take the shape of a small battery.


If you suspect that your car's electrical system is out of order, now is the time to get your alternator inspected. If you are looking for alternator repair services, do not hesitate to call or schedule an appointment with us for quality, reliable and affordable services.