The Ultimate Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

There's no better way to kickstart this season than "spring cleaning" your car. And suds aren't the only thing your car may need this spring. With a new season comes a new list of maintenance items your beloved automobile may need. Here are some of the areas that may need to be checked:



Some drivers may consider adding all-season or summer tires to their vehicles. More importantly, all drivers should check two crucial things: tire pressure and tread depth. Doing so will promote even tire wear and safer driving. Additionally, having your tires rotated is a good idea as well.



When was the last time you changed your wipers? If it has been at least nine months, you may want to consider swapping them out. When wiper blades deteriorate, they will leave streaks, hindering your visibility. Therefore, you're better off replacing them this time of year.



Oil changes are the most important type of maintenance that you can offer your car. Keeping up with your vehicle's oil change intervals helps keep your car's engine healthy. Oils naturally pick up debris as it lubricates the engine, so replenishing the fluid ensures your vehicle is always running at its best.



Brakes are the number one safety component when it comes to all our cars. To achieve more effective braking this spring, we invite you to come by our auto repair shop for a brake check. Our technicians can top you off on brake fluid, change your brake pads, etc., to be safe on the roads this spring.



After the harsh summer and winter, your battery's chemical composition has probably broken down and slowed down its reactions. To avoid a breakdown from a dead battery this spring, please come by for a battery test. This will allow us to gauge when you might need a battery replacement.


If your vehicle needs some spring cleaning, we invite you to bring your car to Bimmer Motor Specialists in Coppell, TX.