What Are the Common Causes of Harsh Gear Shifts?

The transmission in your car is directly related to how much power is distributed to your wheels. Whether you have a manual transmission or automatic transmission, you need to effortlessly shift gears to perform the essential functions of your car. So what does it mean when you start to feel shuttering or shifting becomes harsh? There are a couple of possible reasons behind that issue, and being able to uncover them will allow you to know if you need transmission repairs.


Your first thought should be to check your transmission fluid when you experience shuddering when you shift gears. In order to function smoothly, the transmission needs to have an adequate amount of liquid. Different vehicle manufacturers have varying recommendations for when you should change or replace the transmission fluid. So you should always reference your owner's manual for the exact number interval.

When inspecting the fluid levels, you will want to note two things: the levels and the color. If the fluid is below the dipstick indicators, you know that you need more fluid. It would help if you also were on the lookout for any leaks that may be causing the liquid to run out quicker. Transmission fluid is usually a pink or red transparent color. If the color is darker, closer to the tone of rust, then you should take your vehicle to the auto repair shop ASAP!


The transmission filter is put in place to pick up dirt and debris that could contaminate your fluid. If the filter goes untouched for a while, it could get clogged. A clogged filter will leave your transmission working harder to pull the liquid from the pan. As a result of this challenging process, you may feel uneasy when shifting between gears.


Because transmissions are such complex components, you should take your vehicle to a certified technician as soon as you start to experience shifting problems. Our team at Bimmer Motor Specialist is always eager to help out our customers with their transmission issues. We specialize in repairing BMWs, MINIs, Audis, Mercedes Benzs, Volvos, andmore. Our techs will use top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment to pinpoint your transmission problem, recommend the necessary repairs, and have you on your way back on the road again. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or visit our shop in Coppell, TX, today!