What Fluids Need To Be Changed In My Car?

Vehicles require a lot of fluids to run properly and efficiently. Certain oils in your vehicle need to be changed and flushed at certain intervals recommend by manufacturers. Knowing the different fluids and which ones need to be changed is important in keeping your car running smoothly and without problems.

Motor Oil

Motor oil is the number 1 most common oil that should be regularly changed. Motor oil acts as a lubricator for the engine to operate without generating excessive amounts of friction and heat. Motor oil acts like a coolant to keep the hot engine parts such as the bottom of the piston cool and from getting too hot. Motor oil should be changed approximately every 3,000-5,000 miles or every 3 months depending on usage.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is essential in having properly function braking systems in your vehicle. In a breaking system, hydraulic fluid is used within a master cylinder to compress brake calipers. The compression of the brake calipers squeezes the brake pads and rotors and brings the vehicle to a stop. Brake fluid should be flushed approximately every 25,000 miles or when you have your brake pads and rotors replaced.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is usually the most neglected of any fluid, however plays a crucial role in the operation of your vehicle. Hydraulic powered steering systems require hydraulic fluid to create a hydraulic connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels. Over time, the fluid goes through various heat cycles, dirt, and starts to break down. Power steering fluid should be serviced approximately every 60-80,000 miles.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is essential in all vehicles, regardless of an automatic or manual transmission. This fluid is designed to lubricate gears and synchros in a manual transmission, and lubricates the gears and clutch packs in an automatic transmission. Transmission fluid is not changed as often as oil changes, however neglecting service can lead to failure of the transmission, which is extremely costly. Transmission fluids should be flushed and changed approximately every 25,000-40,000 miles.

Fluids within your vehicle should be changed and serviced at the manufacturer's recommendations. It is never a good idea to wait too long to perform these services as that can increase your chances of mechanical problems.

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