Why Does My BMW Smell Like Oil?

You've probably smelt an unusual smell mid-drive before, and most of the time, odors go away after a couple of minutes. However, if you begin to catch the smell of engine oil in your cabin, it probably has to do with an oil leak somewhere in your BMW. Especially if you continue to detect the strong smell and it does not go away, it can mean serious business for your bimmer. Regardless of the cause of your leak, the best way to get down to the bottom of it is by taking it to Bimmer Motor Specialists. Our expert team, specializing in BMWs, can perform a full-point vehicle inspection to understand the issue at hand better and work together to patch up the problem. 

Below are several of the most prevalent explanations for an oil smell in your vehicle: 

  1. An oil leak escapes into the BMW's exhaust system.
  2. A poorly executed oil change. An unprofessional oil change can cause an oil smell to emanate if the oil is spilled onto other vehicle parts under the hood. 
  3. A clogged or disconnected oil filter.
  4. A leaking oil plug.
  5. A failing gasket.

BMW Oil Leak Repair in Coppell, TX

To prevent your car from reeking of oil, you should get into the habit of regularly checking your motor oil. A good indication that you may be dealing with an oil leak if you've recently obtained an oil change, and the oil dipstick indicates you're low. As a responsible BMW owner, you should never ignore the smell of oil in your cabin. An oil leak can lead to severe engine damage if your car is left with too little oil to lubricate and protect the engine components. Our expert team at Bimmer Motor Specialists will get your bimmer fixed up and back on the road before you know it. We invite you to give us a call or schedule an appointment online today!