Your Guide to Become a Defensive Driver

Every time you step into a motor vehicle, you're putting your life on the line. We cannot control or predict how other people drive, but there are things you can do to maximize your safety. Accidents happen every day because of the handful of people who like to speed and drive recklessly. To ensure your safety, practice defensive driving! These are the advantages of defensive driving:

  • It prevents points from going on your driving record
  • It can save you money on accident fees
  • It can give you a discount on car insurance
  • An overall sense of responsibility


Top Tips on Defensive Driving

  1.  Plan Ahead - Defensive driving can take place as soon as you step into your car. If you have a phone, try to get in the habit of checking weather conditions and traffic conditions before your commute to avoid unexpected surprises.
  2. Always Check Blindspots - Regardless of whether you are changing lanes or merging onto the freeway, you should always check your blind spots.
  3. Pause Before Driving Away From Stop Signs and Lights. Another great tip is to wait several seconds after waiting at a stoplight or stop sign before driving. Other motorists may attempt to speed through an intersection and cause a collision. 
  4. Keep a Safe Distance From Others - You should always follow the 3-second rule, meaning you should keep at least 3 seconds of driving time based on your vehicle's speed between you and the car ahead of you. 
  5. Minimize/Avoid Distractions - Defensive driving includes overall making smart decisions. The best way to practice defensive driving is to give the road and your surroundings your undivided attention. There should be little to no distractions meaning you should stash away your smartphone, turn down the music, and avoid eating behind the wheel. 

We hope these tips help you become a better and safer driver. At Bimmer Motor Specialists, our team always prioritizes the safety of our clients. If you require any automotive repair or maintenance services, give us a call or visit today!